When Imagination Becomes Reality

Yeehaw’s simple and kid-friendly app gives children the confidence and ability to explore all possibilities, ignite their imaginations, and develop their passions. Kids can design their own toys pixel-by-pixel. We also have a library of more than 2,000 ready-to-print toys, and we’re always working to add more.
Now all your favorite characters, games, and building blocks are immediately accessible.

Safe, No Matter What

Safety is our first priority! Every aspect of Yeehaw has been designed specifically to be safe for children.
Yeehaw is simple to use. It calibrates, updates, and monitors itself, so you and your family never have to adjust the machinery. It also has several built-in safety features, including a safety door, automatic stop, and non-toxic filament.

Beauty, Function, & Award-Winning Design

We’re always aiming to push the boundaries of technologies and aesthetics while providing the best possible user experience.
Yeehaw’s modern design earned it a Red Star Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.
The simple support app allows for full control and tons of creativity-boosting features.
Emotion lights tell you exactly what the Yeehaw is thinking.
Yeehaw’s transparent walls ensure you never miss a moment of fun.
Our eco-friendly and non-toxic filaments come in 12 colors.